Friday, 7 August 2015

From the blogger: Open letter ( Addressing misconceptions)

Dear Student-Talk blog followers

I had decided to write this letter to address the misconceptions about me in relation to the blog; and misunderstanding about the purpose of Student-Talk blog.

I have had a few students coming up to me, asking questions like “how do you study Auditing?”; and receiving remarks like “you bunked a tutorial? You should write that on your blog, hey?”

One thing I need to make clear is that I do not fit the typical definition of a “perfect” student. It was never my intention to portray myself as such through the blog. The fact that I share the lessons I learn from my failures and mistakes does not make me a “perfect” student. The fact that I share information I receive from student workshops, programs and other intellectuals does not make me a “perfect” student. The fact that I know all this information that I share does not make me a “perfect” student. I do not feel that I need to be an expert in the things I share on the blog before I share them with others, especially if it could be useful to others. The fact that I am able to write – which is merely a gift, just as everybody has a unique talent/gift - does not make me a “perfect” student.

I am trying to find solutions to my academic/ student challenges just like other students – which is why I invest in discovering and sharing the information I obtain. As much as I may be trying out the solutions and strategies shared on the blog, it needs to be understood that implementation of these strategies and solutions does not guarantee success overnight. They are also NOT the ONLY solutions to student challenges, which is why I ask questions at the end of each article – for myself and others. The Facebook page was also opened as a platform for students to share what works for them or seek for solutions to their challenges from other students, lecturers, trainees, professionals, and intellectuals who are on the blog’s Facebook page.

This blog is not only to help others but it is also for me! I also need other solutions/strategies that may be more effective for me personally. I also need motivation. I also get stressed. I also fail. I also make mistakes. I also get lazy. I also experience life challenges that may affect my academic life. Therefore I also learn from what you share with me through your comments on the blog posts and the Facebook posts I make.

I certainly hope the misconceptions and misunderstanding will be resolved after this post.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Till the next post 

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