Tuesday, 16 May 2017

20. Dressing up - presenting yourself: part 2

In the previous blog post, I focused more on how I wear at work. In this blog post, I’ll focus on how I wear outside work.

There isn’t much of a difference really: I wear the same clothes, just worn differently, and of course there are some clothing items that I can’t wear at church for obvious reasons. 

Here, I'm wearing the same shirt I wear at work (as you may have seen on the previous blog post). I'm wearing it with a skirt I bought at Mr Price for about R120 I believe, and the heels...well, there are those exceptional items that are expensive (lol), but this is the heel I got for graduation day. See, I could wear it again elsewhere, not just for special occasions like graduation. And ofcourse the same bag I used for work, I used for church. As soon as I realised that, and could afford it, I got myself another bag, the brown  bag - you may have seen it on the previous blog post, but the zip of this bag broke, which means I now have one bag for both work and church (lol). At least I have a bag, right?

In this picture, I’m wearing the same Jet shirt as the one I wear at work (as per the previous blog post). I bought the skirt at Mr Price for about R120 , I think – it was definitely not more than R150 though. My uncle’s wife bought the shoes for me at Bata on sale :P. I can’t remember the price, but it was not me who bought them :P (lol).

In this picture, I’m wearing the same shirt again and the same Woolworths jersey mom bought 5 years ago. I bought the skirt, yes at Mr Price, and yes for an amount less than R150. My mom bought the heels…ya, they were pretty expensive, though :P. She bought them at Red closet. 

I bought this dress at a Chinese shop on Fish Hoek main road, for R300. I promise you, I was very reluctant to buy it, but because I needed a white dress - one of good quality as well, I bought it. I knew that if I was going to buy it, it would be the only clothing item I buy that month. Whatever clothing items I wanted to buy had to wait until the next month, because I had already decided to spend on this dress. Again, uncle's generous wife bought the heels for me at Foschini. They were probably about R350, and most probably bought about 2 years ago.

My stepmom bought this dress for me at Zara. It's fairly short - definitely not for church (to me anyway), but very much appropriate for an ordinary summer's day or a walk at the beach.

In this picture , I bought the top at Mr Price for less than R150 I believe. The blue jeans are the same as those I had worn, as you may have seen on the previous blog post. 

Here, I'm wearing a cream vest that was too small for stepmom, so she gave it to me - yeahy me! :P (lol). I got the baggy jersey while I was at university. I don't remember where I bought it and for how much. I had the blue jeans on, and had flip flops that mom bought for me at Woolies for less than R150 I believe.

Here, I'm wearing a tight-fitting long dress that my uncle's wife bought at Woolies. I love the design, but the material is surprisingly a bit light. It's more comfortable when worn with an under-garment or tights made of very strong material.

This, believe it or not, is my graduation dress. Isn’t it smart that I chose a dress I could wear again casually? I’ve worn it a few times when I took walks at the beach, and even my mom told me how fitting the dress is for the beach.
My stepmom bought this for me at Top shop. It was about…R600…eish!
P.S: Don’t mind the Austin Powers ‘Dr. Evil’ smile – I was just being silly (lol).

One thing you may have noticed is that I don’t buy many expensive items myself – it’s other people that do. That’s because I obviously cannot afford them yet. It’s important for me to be realistic and acknowledge that, otherwise I’d be in financial trouble and live in debt, which is something I don’t ever want to find myself in. It is a privilege to have people who offer to buy things for me that I cannot afford. Some items were not necessarily expensive, but since I had limited clothes and couldn’t afford to buy, it was such a blessing to have people close to buy them for me.

One last thing I was hoping to emphasize is that I can have different outfits with the same items, and wear the same items at different occasions differently without the need to buy extra or to buy a completely new outfit. I can do with what I have and still look great. I've also noticed how well I take care of my clothes - to even have clothing items dating back from when I was at university?! Imagine!

I certainly hope you enjoyed that. Please let me know what you think about dressing up: what it means to you, how much it is a big deal (or not a big deal) to you. Let’s talk about even investing in clothes – how much value do you place on the clothes you wear? How important is the way you wear? Do you also feel it portrays your character? Let’s talk! 

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Until the next post J

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