Saturday, 31 May 2014

2. Study groups

Study groups: are they useful?

This is a question that had been raised in a Facebook group I had joined, titled "Bcom Accounting Sciences students in SA". It was created by Mica Themba Chissano for the purpose of CA(SA) aspiring students helping each other with Accounting coursework.

When Oratilwe Machete raised this question, I figured that study groups is something that I should consider. Perhaps it could be something others may consider as well; especially those whose study or comprehension techniques are not effective.

I had spoken to a few students about study groups. One student mentioned that she is skeptical about being in a study group; especially because the study mates might not be productive. One other student mentioned that he studies on his own; but meets his group on certain days to ask questions to comprehend sections that he could not understand while he was studying on his own.

Initially, I had the same mentality as the first student. However, after considering what the second student said, I figured that study groups might actually be more effective than I thought!

In the previous post, I mentioned that  had started pre-reading and listening more attentively during lectures. During those three months, I did have questions to ask on the theory - for more understanding and clarity. Unfortunately I could not ask all my questions during the lecture; because I was not the only student who had questions; and the lecture had to go on. Moreover lecturers' consultation times are limited and clash with other lecture times.

I think being in a study group would be a great platform for all study mates to come together and help each other answer unanswered questions using the relevant textbooks. We could also have discussions and help each other understand concepts in the textbooks that we may have had difficulty understanding. It may be more beneficial for study mates to focus on a chapter/(s) or a topic/(s) covered on that particular day.

I'm definitely considering being in a study group.
Do you have a study group? Are you considering to be in one?

You can share your thoughts on this topic; your experiences of being in a study group - what you've learnt; and share any tips for effective study groups on the comments section below.

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Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Till next time  :).

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  1. -At his workshop, Mr Graeme O'Reilly CA(SA) recommended a maximum of 3 members

    - A fellow student, Sbongiseni, also shared that he had been in a study group of 3 people last year. They used to talk about chapters, sharing their summary of the understanding of chapters covered. They'd spend 3 hours: 1.5hrs for one module, 1.5 hrs for another. They did this at night, 3 hrs before 11pm/ 12am, and they could because they lived on campus at the varsity's residence. He said this worked effectively for them because their marks increased a lot.