Saturday, 20 September 2014

5. Part 3: Conflict management - For workplace purposes

Mr Melane and Ms Poole also shared the process of resolving issues and skills for managing conflict.

Let's start with the process of resolving issues.

The following process is suggested in cases where conflict is identified:
  1. Acknowledge that conflict exists
  2. Identify the real conflict
  3. Listen actively to all points of view
  4. Explore and generate ways to resolve conflict
  5. Select a preferred solution and clarify responses
  6. Monitor progress by scheduling a followup session to monitor and review progress
To manage conflict:
  1. Allow time for cooling down
  2. Analyse the situation
  3. Be confident that you can resolve the problem
  4. Listen carefully
  5. Deliver a clear message
  6. State the problem to the other person
  7. Give proper feedback
  8. Be open and flexible
  9. Focus on a positive outcome
We've come to the end of conflict management. I certainly hope this was as helpful as I find it to be. Please fell free to share your views, concerns, additional advice pertaining this topic on the comments section below.

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