Wednesday, 2 May 2018

27. Employability: a qualification alone might not be enough - part 2

The result when we steal a moment to take a picture: either early morning or during lunch - CAN'T POSE because inside office, because serious environment (lol)!

On the first blogpost about employability , I shared the fact that there are graduate attributes and skills that we ought to have as students over and above our academic knowledge. There is one other thing that greatly contributes to employability that was not addressed: training.

It is very fortunate that there are courses that incorporate training/ work experience in which the knowledge gained is applied during tertiary studies. However, there are other courses that do not incorporate training during studies, and students are expected to complete training after completing tertiary studies instead. The most unfortunate thing in this case, which I had witnessed and experienced, is the fact that employers expect results. It is as though they forget that as graduates, we come straight from tertiary and are not familiar with the work environment and its demands.

When graduates undergo training, they are still learning. It has to be understood that patience is needed from both the trainee and employer: there has to be patience on the side of the employer in that the trainee should have freedom to ask anything and as much as needed, because they are still learning. There has to be patience and respect on the side of the trainee as well, in that the graduate must understand that the employer is also running a business and that he/she must deliver to his/ her respective clients.

It boils down to this: what is favourable to both the trainee and employer. The trainee most likely wants to gain as much experience and understanding of what they are doing as much as possible so that he/she becomes efficient and excels in the field of work. The employer most likely wants to run the business and succeed. Where do we find the balance?

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Until next time. :)

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