Friday, 18 May 2018

29. Money

Oh yes, let us talk about money today.

Money - one of the reasons why we study to get that qualification; that drives us to work; that gets us so passionate about holding those big positions that the world has already taught us are high-paying positions.

The fuss about money is understandable. I mean we need money to live in this world, right? We need to be able to afford to live. We need to be able to buy food, clothes, afford a house to live in, afford a car that will take us where we need to get to and back any time (more especially when public transport disappoints us at times). We just want to be able to afford anything we want and need without limitation. Trust me - I know. I've been in financial trouble long enough and was so close to being in poverty. It's frustrating.

But here is my concern: the danger of running after money.
If you recall from my blog post #16 - Quitting, you will remember that I mentioned quitting the journey to being a chartered accountant. I'm sure, like many others, you probably think I'm crazy, because that is one of the most respected positions - mainly because of the financial benefits that come with it (over and above the expertise).

Here's the thing: If I continued with post-graduate studies and the 3 year articles to eventually become a chartered accountant, I would have limited myself in terms of the things I wanted to do with my life. I would have restricted my 3 years to the life of a trainee in pursuit of being a chartered accountant. I would have been miserable, and I'm not talking about anyone else, hey? I'm talking about me, because I know the person that I am and what I want in life. There are so many things I want to do with my life, and restricting myself from doing them is exactly what would have made me miserable.

The other issue I feel very strongly about is how efficient we are expected to be in these high-paying positions. I've witnessed, from personal experience and observation, that high-paying positions can be demanding and stressful, both of which are not good for anyone's health. It took 2 anxiety attacks before I could realise that the money I was earning at the time is not worth more than my health and life. I was simply not trained and equipped enough to handle the job.

I am now a trainee accountant (not to become a chartered accountant but a professional accountant), and it is such a huge privilege as I have exposure to so much experience. I am learning at a pace good enough for me to understand the work of a professional accountant. It is the kind of work I was passionate about ever since I was exposed to Accounting in high school. It is the job I had always wanted. I am also doing what I've always wanted to do with my life on the side - pursuing and investing on my artistic side as an editor, writer and sketch artist.

You see, there are things that make me who I am that I have realised I cannot neglect, because they are part of who I am, they make me who I am - my unique self. I would not have been satisfied with my life if I limited myself or waited some years until I become the chartered accountant that I don't aspire to be. If I continued, who knows how many more times I would have failed, and while that happens, I would have been losing my years, and how then would I have had the time to perfect my editing and writing, my sketching? They are very much tied to who I truly am and my purpose, and when I live my purpose, joy and happiness are guaranteed forever. I will be effective in life.

Big money will come in due time. The trick is to embrace and enjoy the process of getting there, understanding and appreciating the value of money and life.

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Thanks so much for your time and consideration. I trust you enjoyed that, but most importantly that it shed some light.

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