Friday, 11 May 2018

28. Tme: one of the most precious resources

I was waiting on a train around past 6 am! Yep! We make time, even for selfies. See, if we can make time for selfies so early in the morning, surely we can make time for anything we put our mind into.
There's this very common saying that "time is money".Ok, it's emphasis on how important time is - I get it. I really wonder, though, if we realise how precious the time we are given is.

Consider this for a minute: regardless of how you spend your time, you will never be able to get those minutes/ hours back. You can't take that time you didn't spend doing something productive, and add it on the days that you need it the most.

The most fascinating thing I discovered about myself quite recently is how much I always want to keep busy, and how when there are things I need to do, I do them as soon as possible. I'm so fast,  every time there is something to do, I jump to it as if I'm the only person that can do it, as if I cannot do it another time, as if my life will end tomorrow.

Here's a glimpse of what I do on a daily basis: on my way to work and back (on the train and taxi), I'm reading a book or the bible. If I'm not reading, I'm preparing for a social media post on the spot for this blog on the Facebook page ( and Instagram (@Simtha.m). If not that, then I'm preparing a post on the Facebook page of the new freelance business ( ) and on the Instagram account (@mpilopublishing). I'd also do church- related tasks either on my way to work or during lunch,  even after work. When at home, I'd start a blogpost, start/ finish off a sketch or edit written work for a client. Most of the time when at home, I'd rather just chill with my mom and brother, more especially when supper has been prepared and ready. I cannot be busy during that time, because that is the only time, other than weekend, that I spend with them. Otherwise, I'd be busy doing any of the things I've mentioned above.

Where do I have the time to do all these things? I'm sure you can tell from what I've just shared that I make time, and make use of the free time I have. As much as there is time needed to relax and rest, I understand that there is no room for laziness.

I trust you enjoyed that. If there's one thing I'd really love for you to get out of this blogpost is the fact that you can do anything that you put your mind to, more especially if it adds value to your life and the life of others. You can have control over your life.

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